Adventure Towel + Face & Hand Towel Bundle


Adventure Towel

Our Adventure Towel by AQUIS are made from an innovative fabric woven from ultra-absorbent fibers. This lightweight textile provides superior water wicking and absorbs 4-times its weight in water. Great for people with an active lifestyle looking for maximum absorption, quick-drying and a space-saving alternative whether dipping your foot in the pool or heading to Mt. Everest.

  • Extremely lightweight fabric
  • Attached snap loop for easy hanging
  • Absorbs 4 times its weight in water
  • Towel dries quickly, leaving you ready for your next adventure.
  • Innovative fabric is loomed to be sand-resistant

Face and Hand Towel

AQUIS Face & Hand Towels compliment your yoga or workout practice by quickly absorbing sweat and moisture. Perfect for any occasion – complimenting your yoga practice, water sports, travel, rock climbing, the gym or bath time.  Great as well to get the drippy wet from your hair after water sports.  Sand doesn't stick to the fabric. Size 11" x 21" and complimentary colors. Reversible color on the front and gray on the back.


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    Extremely lightweight fabric makes for easy travel.


    No more waiting for your towel to dry. No more carrying around heavy wet towels. Adventure by AQUIS dries quickly, leaving you ready for your next adventure.


    The most absorbent towel out there, absorbing 4 times its weight in water. Specifically made for water sports and beach. Fun fact: sand will not stick to it!


    Our towels will last you years to come, performing flawlessly on all your adventures. Fun Fact: Uses less water, detergents & energy during laundry as well!

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